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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery

Easter Holiday Update

 Dear Children, Parents and Carers,

As we come to what would have been the end of Spring Term, it feels strange to be sending a written message rather that waving you all off on your holidays. I can see from your class pages that you've been really busy and we are all very proud of how hard you are all working. If you haven't been in touch with your teacher yet, please do that today - they miss you too and love hearing from you!

Now we are at the Easter holidays we would like to try and keep things as normal as possible. If you go into our Learners section on the website you will now find a page called Holiday Learning. This is filled with lots of fantastic activities to keep you busy over the coming two weeks. Teachers will not be adding to their weekly learning on Class Pages during this time, though please feel free to carry on with all the other tasks on the Online Learning page, plus any that you haven't finished on your class page yet.

When you go to the holiday section, please have a good look at the Gorseybrigg Team activities, which were written especially for you. We are looking forward to receiving some lovely photos for our competition, but also images of anything you have made, drawn, written and completed from our list (or from your own ideas). We will add examples of this to the page as we go, so that you can see what your team mates are up to!

Don't forget as well that we have a page of advice and information to support you on the Health and Wellbeing section. Our team are here to listen and help where we can too, so please don't ever be afraid to ask.

Finally, can I please also thank my amazing staff team. I couldn't have wished for a more positive and supportive bunch of people. They continue to come in to help our key workers' families with a smile on their faces and are constantly thinking of new ideas to keep you all busy and active. We are all very lucky to have them, and I was with you all on the doorstep clapping not only for them, but also for all the other frontline workers who are keeping us all going. Thank you to those of you who fit into that category too. We miss you all, so keep in touch with us too and have the best Easter you possibly can!

Take care,

Corinne Thornton