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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery


The government states that ‘a high quality physical education curriculum should inspire all children to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities.

It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.

Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.’

At Gorseybrigg we are proud to provide a wide range of opportunities and experiences, not only to fulfil requirements, but to enhance and enrich the curriculum for all our pupils.

All children in Reception to Year 6 participate in 2 hours of Physical Education per week and follow the Val Sabin schemes of work covering aspects of dance and gymnastics. Real PE is taught throughout school which ensures all children develop their fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination. This also develops children’s personal and social skills.

The government states that all children should be active for 60 minutes each day. At Gorseybrigg, we are committed to fulfilling the schools responsibility of ensuring all children are active for at least 30 minutes of the school day. In addition to the 2 hours of PE each day, teachers ensure that children are active at various points of the day through the use of varied activities. This may include; active maths, active English, Supermovers, dance moves, brain gym and outdoor learning.

Our Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage children have continuous access to their own outdoor area where they can develop their fine and gross motor skills through activities such as climbing, cycling, building, writing and painting.

Foundation stage children participate in a weekly Forest School session with a trained leader. Children love  their outdoor learning!

Children also have a weekly gymnastic and dance session in the school hall. Reception children have a Real PE lesson each week too.

Reception children have the exciting opportunity of experiencing balance bike training run by the bikeability team as well as multi-skills events from the SHAPE partnership.


Key Stage 1 and 2

Our Key Stage 1 children have two hours of PE each week, alternating between dance, gymnastics and Real PE. Through the SHAPE partnership, the children in Key Stage 1 have many opportunities to develop their skills in whole class events, either within our own school or at a local venue alongside other local schools.

Our Key Stage 2 children participate in the Monday Mile.

This is a great opportunity to kick start the week and improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children. A weekly swimming lesson takes place for our Year 4 children in the local sports centre.

We are affiliated to the SHAPE partnership.

We are affiliated with SHAPE partnership in North East Derbyshire which provides a huge range of whole class and small group opportunities throughout the year.

We train Year 5 children to become mini leaders.

We encourage children to take on leadership roles in providing further opportunities in physical activity. Through SHAPE, we train Year 5 children to become mini leaders. These children provide structured, fun activities and games during lunchtimes.

Children in Year 6 have the opportunity to go on a 4 night, action-packed, residential trip.

Each year, children in Year 4 and 5 also have the opportunity to attend an overnight stay in Castleton where a range of outdoor and adventurous activities are provided. This is often a first experience of staying away from home for many children. Children in Year 6 have the opportunity to go on a 4 night, action-packed, residential trip. This is a great way to cement friendships and celebrate their time at Gorseybrigg. A range of educational, team building and outdoor and adventurous activities provide an excellent itinery.

The children feel proud in their team kit and learn important values of respect and fairness.

We closely follow the SHAPE competition calendar throughout the year, participating in tournaments for cricket, tennis, netball and athletics. The children feel proud in their team kit and learn important values of respect and fairness.
Whole class opportunities provided by SHAPE include multi-skills, gymnastics and dance festivals alongside other local schools.

We further enrich the curriculum by inviting local sports coaches into school to provide taster sessions and build club links with the local community. Every year, in the Summer term, we hold a Sports and Health Week. During this week a wide range of opportunities are offered, including visiting the Dronfield Sports Centre to use their facilities, local clubs offering taster sessions, lessons on healthy lifestyles and children participating in intra-competitions. The whole school also spends a day on a local countryside walk, learning to respect the countryside code and gaining the benefits of physical and mental wellbeing.

Nursery, KS1 and KS2 each hold their own Sports Days in the Summer term. All events include both competitive and non-competitive elements.

Key stage 2 children also have the opportunity of accessing the bikeability training to ensure they can ride a bike safely.