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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery

Our School Council and Eco Council

These groups play a vital role at Gorseybrigg and we involve all our children in the process.

Both councils have two members from each year group (Y1 - Y6), with School Council also having 6 members from Y6. Reception and Nursery children meet as a whole class and send their ideas to meetings. Each council has its' own special remit and we are so proud of all the work they do to make our school better; they come to every meeting full of ideas and proposals!

We meet at least every two to three weeks to discuss and debate a range of issues and the agenda is set by both pupils and staff. The councils have their own noticeboard, take assemblies, run fund raising events and are a very important part of our school improvement team. Classes hold regular meetings with their councillors to feed back meeting agendas, share minutes and discuss new ideas to bring. Every councillor is elected yearly following a proper election by their peers, where they present to the class the reasons why they should be chosen. It is always hotly contested! We are so proud of each and every one of them, they take their role very seriously and do a brilliant job.

Between 2018 and 2021 these are some of the improvements our brilliant councillors worked on:-

  • Looking at reward systems in school, helping decide our school values and making decisions for rewards every year.
  • Taking part in our Online Safety Committee meetings and inputting ideas from a pupil perspective.
  • Completing the Action Plan for Eco Schools, identifying 3 key targets that we have begun to work on.
  • Debating curriculum changes and sharing pupil responses to the learning happening in our classrooms.
  • Identifying outdoor areas in school to develop - a quiet reading area and an Eco Garden. These are currently nearing completion
  • Discussing ideas for a child-led behaviour code (including leading on an assembly).
  • Supporting the development of our new Library space, including fundraising ideas to buy books, collecting ideas for books to buy and working with our Literacy Leads to select class books from the Library Service.
  • Approving attendance awards, including a trophy.
  • Deciding on the continuation of the visiting pantomime into school.

Plans for 2021-22 are already underway!

Our councillors are now back meeting regularly following lockdown. Our plans so far are as follows:

  • Complete work on our quiet area - named by the council as "Serenity Square"
  • Complete our Eco Garden - our pond and bird hide will hopefully be finished very soon
  • Raise money to improve our lovely library by removing the sink from the corner and adding more bookcases as we have too many books!
  • Run a bake sale in November and a second hand toy stall at the Christmas Fair
  • Complete an environmental review and action plan as part of our Eco Schools Award
  • Work with UK Energy Watch on our Low Carbon report as part of some government funding we have been awarded.
  • Working with Miss Hollis, our school cook, to improve our school dinners for everyone, making them even more popular and healthy!


Charlotte showing how to make a bird box and plant strawberries for the eco garden.

Eco-council & One Planet Matters

In January One Planet Matters donated a number of trees to the school. The eco-council were kept busy learning how to correctly plant and look after the trees on a sunny January morning. We look forward to seeing the trees settle in and grow.

Our Eco Council