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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery

Healthy Minds and Bodies

Our School Improvement Plan recognises the importance of developing the whole child.

For this reason, we always include targets for emotional health and wellbeing, considering this a vital requirement in the development of the whole child.

In 2018-19 we aim to include the following:-

1. Training in mindfulness for the staff, together with a commitment to develop the use of class based resources to encourage children to take time out to be calm during their busy days.

2. A commitment to continue the work we started with Derbyshire through the Healthy Schools Community Award, which we obtained in December 2018.

3. Training a member of staff to deliver yoga sessions to the children.

4. A continued commitment to offering a range of activities for all age groups through the North East Derbyshire Schools Sports Partnerships.

5. Working with our P.E. Coordinator, Kay Christie, to continue to maintain the standards which enabled us to win the School Games Gold Award this year.

6. A range of after school clubs, including tennis, football, dodge ball, rugby and fencing.

7. Training for our older pupils to be mini leaders and playground buddies, organising games and activities during social time.

8. A Healthy Eating Policy, which only allows pupils to bring in healthy snacks at breaktimes and also encourages families to consider this when making packed lunches. Healthy foods are often offered to children to try and encourage them to widen their palette, often through themed projects in class.

9. Midday staff who are trained to deliver games and activities during lunchtimes, encouraging all pupils to be active.

10. Working with our strong PTFA to transform our outdoor play area, installing a wide range of new equipment during the year.

11. Opportunities for staff to access after school fitness sessions, such as boot camps and yoga.

In addition, the steps taken to improve pupils' emotional health and wellbeing must include developing an understanding and definition of pupils' health and wellbeing and tools for auditing and ensuring best practice in schools. We will be utilising the DCC pack “Emotional and Mental Health: A Resource for Schools”, which is part of the Future in Mind Project 2015-2020, as well as following the new Government guidelines on well-being assessment (mandatory from 2020).

Our Mission Statement on EHWB is available here.

Please click here for a link to the Derbyshire 'Live Life Better' website.