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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery


At Gorseybrigg Primary School, we believe that music matters.

Music lessons are planned to include active participation and enjoyment for every child.

Singing is at the heart of our curriculum, taught through Sing Up amongst other resources, and everyone has the opportunity to learn the elements of music using our fantastic class set of traditional djembe drums. Children have a wide range of opportunities to listen to live music including professional orchestras and local musicians. We aim to support every child to enjoy achieving their full potential.

Our Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage children enjoy singing as an integral part of every day.

Weekly music lessons allow them to have hands on experience with percussion instruments.


Our KS1 children enjoy learning the recorder and singing songs as part of their topic work.

They celebrate their achievements with a music party led by the Derbyshire Music Hub.


Our KS2 children receive whole class tuition in the flute (Y5) and more than half choose to continue to learn in smaller groups during Y6.

Music history is taught through themed assemblies and whole class music lessons. Y3 participate in a music through stories project which culminates in a visit to experience a classical music concert. This year, Y6 will be among the first groups to take part in The Royal Opera House Create and Sing Carmen programme. Everyone is welcome to join our enthusiastic and talented choir who perform in school and at a wide range of community events, competitions and concerts.