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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery


At Gorseybrigg Primary School we all love learning new mathematical concepts and know that our mathematical knowledge helps us in everyday life.

As teachers we know that children need the mathematical building blocks as a foundation to their mathematical learning which they will build upon as they move through into secondary education and in their life long experience of mathematics.

Following the introduction of the new National Curriculum in 2014 the emphasis in both keystage 1 and Keystage 2 has been to ensure that all children:

  • Become FLUENT
  • REASON and EXPLAIN mathematically

During Maths lessons at Gorseybrigg Primary School children will have the opportunity to become fluent in a skill whilst being given the opportunity to problem solve, allowing them the chance to apply their Maths knowledge in a variety of different contexts. Children are given tasks to explain their reasoning, develop an argument and line of enquiry then prove and justify findings using mathematical vocabulary.

At Gorseybrigg Primary we believe that it is important that children are allowed to explore Maths and present their findings not only in a written form but also visually. We follow the National Curriculum guidelines for this using the Concrete-pictoral-abstract model.

Concrete representation:
Where the pupil is introduced to an idea or skill using real objects to develop the foundation for conceptual understanding.
This is a 'hands-on' experience.

Pictorial representation:
Where the pupil has sufficiently understood the hands-on experiences and can now relate them to representations such as a diagram or picture of the problem.

Abstract representation:
Where the pupil can now represent problems using mathematical notation.

Each classroom is stocked with concrete resources to support the delivery of Maths. Resources are used appropriately in lessons to support learning and pupils are encouraged to self-select whichever resources they feel would be beneficial to help them when completing Maths work.

Each classroom has a display dedicated to Maths as a working wall.

Each classroom has a display dedicated to Maths as a working wall, where the maths topic is displayed and where children’s work is celebrated.

Intervention groups take place both within the Maths lesson, same day intervention and outside the classroom through additional support; these sessions are delivered by the teacher or teaching assistant and may involve individual or small group work.

On Tuesday 21st May we held a Maths Workshop for parents in school. The workshop covered the maths curriculum followed by visits to classes to watch maths classes being taught.

Below is a link to the PowerPoint presentation from the workshop together with the handouts.

Maths Workshop May 2019

KS2 Addition Help Sheet

KS2 Division Help Sheet

KS2 Fraction Help Sheet

KS2 Multiplication Help Sheet

KS2 Subtraction Help Sheet