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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery

Foundation Stage


The EYFS Curriculum

 This term we will be learning about opposites.  We will begin by learning about light and dark and we will be investigating how to make shadows.  Then we will learn about the opposites big and small and will be reading Goldilocks and the three bears.  We will also be measuring things using non-standard measures e.g. cubes.  We will be experimenting with instruments as we learn about loud and quiet and we will be finding out about materials when we learn about hard and soft.  During the last two weeks of term we will become scientists and we will be experimenting with hot and cold things and thinking about what changes happen when we mix wet and dry materials.

In dance lessons we will be exploring how we can move in opposite ways such as curl and stretch or fast and slow.  In games lessons we will be learning how to play games using balls.

In letters and sounds we are learning the last few Phase 3 sounds and will be learning to read the tricky words: you, all, her, my, are, they, she, be, he, and we.

In Mathematics we are learning about money, making repeating patterns and investigating capacity.  We will also be using numicon and counters to add and subtract and we will begin counting in 2's and 10's.

Special Events…

Autumn Term:

Welcome Buffet - 5.00 - 6.00pm - 17.09.19

We will be performing a Traditional Nativity Play for all of our parents during the week commencing 10.12.19 (dates and times to be confirmed)

We will also be having a Christmas party on - 19.12.19

Spring Term:

We will be hatching our own chicks and watching them grow!

We will also be taking part in Easter themed whole school events.

Summer Term:

We will be visiting the Butterfly House Park (date to be confirmed)

Infant Sports Day - 20.05.20 - 1.30-3.15pm