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Gorseybrigg Primary School and Nursery

Foundation Stage

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The EYFS Curriculum

Happy New Year!   

During the first half of the Spring Term we are learning about 'The Big Wide World!'  We will begin by investigating weather and talking about how it changes and the effects weather has on our environment.  The children will be using the Google search engine to find pictures of different types of weather. 

We will then be thinking about animals and hibernation and making bird feeders to help the birds keep well fed over the Winter months.  Next we will be learning about endangered animals and finding out facts about them from books and from the internet.

We will then begin a recycling project and set up our own recycling station.  It would be great if you could encourage your child to do lots of recycling at home and talk about materials and how we can reduce our use of plastic.

Finally we will be discussing features of the natural world such as volcanoes, caves and earthquakes.  Our final week will be all about dinosaurs!


Special Events…

Autumn Term:

We will be performing a Traditional Natavity Play for all of our parents on Friday 14th December.

We will also be having a Christmas party on Tuesday 18th December.

Spring Term:

We will be hatching our own chicks and watching them grow!

We will also be taking part in Easter themed whole school events.

Summer Term:

We will be visiting the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and taking part in the school sports day!